About Us

Our mission is to foster a profound appreciation and connection with nature's beauty by introducing innovative and conceptually designed flowers. We aim to inspire people to explore novel ways of experiencing flora, transcending traditional boundaries, and celebrating the diversity of nature's creations. Through our thoughtfully crafted floral arrangements and immersive experiences, we seek to evoke a sense of wonder and harmony with the natural world, nurturing a deeper understanding and love for plants and flowers.

New Ho Queen

For their Pride Month collaboration with Holt Renfrew, the Asian Queer Collective asked for eye-catching, bright, and chaotic piece to match Holt Cafe's interior.

Subject Living / Albero

Albero's new brand Subject Living aims to celebrate different subjects of design. In this piece, we took their first collection and used the same elements-- neutral colours, wood, and textures.


Jellytime asked for a piece that resembles a vagina. So we did!

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